Frequently Asked Questions

How are the LED displays powered?

Each of our displays are powered by a power supply that plugs directly into the unit. For international customers, we can switch out the power supply to accommodate your specific country's needs.

What is the turn around time for a custom order?

Each display is hand assembled and custom built to our customers specifications. Expect 3-5 weeks for your display to be shipped out.

Can you use any logo?

Your logo must have a clear outline that we can illuminate. Cartoon like graphics, 3D images, or designs with overlapping parts are not compatible with our process. Additionally we can NOT include TINY WORDS- like "catch phrases", social media handles, phone numbers, or websites. Text typically works great!

Please upload (to our contact form) a high resolution (preferably one color) file of your logo. Vector (.ai) format is ideal, but PNG, PSD, or even JPEG will work.

If your logo does not meet this criteria, or you do not have a logo, then you can select a font to use on your personalized display.

Can the display be left on my laptop at all times?

No, the display is only intended to be used during your performance. It should be stored away when on the move.

Does the drum cover affect the sound?

NO, If attached correctly the display should not noticibly alter the sound of drum.

How is the drum installed?

Our drum display is built to the dimensions of the customer's specific kick drum. It easily straps onto the front of your kit using a bungee system.

Can I travel with the drum head attached?

Yes, It is durable, but handle with care. It is recommended that you store your drum in a protective casing if you are going to travel with the display installed.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes, all displays come with a one year limited warranty.See below.

How can I best protect my display?

We strongly advise you to cautiously handle your build while on the move. The display is made of a shiny acrylic that can break upon rough contact. We encourage you to store it in protective casing while you are travling from gig to gig. DO NOT leave display in a hot car or direct sunlight for an extended period or allow the display to overheat.