This is the perfect tool to help artists to grow their brand and build name recognition. We build every laptop display to fit each customer's laptop specifications. The display is personalized with the artist's logo and can include sound responsive LED technology. The result is a slide-on display that flashes a musician's logo to the crowd while they perform.
Don't be a ghost in the booth, #GetLittBeScene
We designed the Bass Drum Display Cover to help bands build their brand. Each Display cover easily attaches onto the rim of the drummer's specific kit and branded with their marketable logo. The Bass Drum Display Cover can sync with the musician's sound output, illuminating the artist's image to the beat of the drum. Never again will audiences be forced to ask “Who just played? They were sick!”
The Centerpiece display is our most versatile product since it is freestanding and can be placed anywhere on stage. This product is easily customizable allowing for creativity throughout its design.